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Pastoralists Household Kenya (PHK) is a National NGO registered under section 10 of the NGO Co-ordination Act (Registration NO. O.P.218/051/2009/0335/5922).

The late Mrs. Mary Ngoyoni was the wife of the Late Hon. Titus Ngoyoni, former MP Laisamis Constituency in Marsabit County, who died on a peace mission in Marsabit on April 2006. The late Hon.Ngoyoni had a vision to transform the lives of his people who for a long time had believed that poverty and marginalization will always be part of them. Sadly, he never got to realize that dream and his wife the late Mary Ngoyoni, took it upon herself to fulfill the dreams of her late husband, thus PHK was born. The formation of PHK was the initiative of the late Mrs. Mary Ngoyoni and her family. As a mother, politician, social worker and pastoralist, she recognized the enormous challenges women and pastoral households face in the ever changing social-economics, political, technological and environmental factors. Sadly, she also never got to realize this as she passed on September 2009, while the NGO was still in the process of registration. Barely a week after her death, the NGO was finally registered and Certificate of Registration issued. Her efforts at changing the lives of pastoralists, especially women, were recognized by UNIFEM and ILO, and she won a posthumous Social Entrepreneur Award 2009.

Now the task of realizing the dream of her parents was tasked to Miss Cecilia Ngoyoni, who is currently the Chairperson of the NGO. Miss Cecilia is not only following her parent’s dreams as she herself is a lawyer and the first female lawyer in her community. Miss Cecilia’s resolve to go to law school came about after her first visit to her ancestral home, Marsabit District in 2002, where after witnessing the suffering and ignorance of her people, especially women and girls, she vowed to go law school and come back and change the lives of her people.

PHK operates largely in Marsabit County, with main focus in Laisamis Constituency in the sectors of environmental protection, education, food security, peace building and reconciliation, advocacy, human rights and empowerment. Marsabit County is a predominantly marginalized county with high illiteracy and drop-out rates, high incidences of poverty and insecurity and with a lot of untapped natural resources.

PHK thus aims to transform the lives of pastoralists, by offering long term solutions to the past pastoralists livelihoods strategies which have become unsustainable, by providing a shift in economical, political, cultural and social mindsets of the pastoralists, as survival and mitigation measures require new knowledge and skills, particularly at household levels. And without significant support, levels of poverty, vulnerability and destitution will rise due to the effects of marginalization, recurrent drought and floods, conflict and livestock epidemics.