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A  world without discrimination and inequality

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To enhance the capacities of rural women and other marginalized groups to engage with governance process through increased training    and access to policies and programs of state and non state actors.

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PHK operates largely in Marsabit County, with main focus in Laisamis Constituency in the sectors of environmental protection, education, food security, peace building and reconciliation..

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The Pastoral Household Kenya (PHK) is a formally registered Non-Governmental organization registered in 2009 and aimed to promoting the economic, land and socio-cultural rights and improving the livelihood of the indigenous peoples’ in Kenya with a focus on the Indigenous people of Marsabit County, Northern Kenya.

PHK will initially focus on the communities in Laisamis Sub-County to support indigenous group experiencing particular forms of systematic discrimination, subordination and marginalization. Our target community thrive in diverse ecological system and include pastoralists across expansive arid and semi-arid land, fisher folks around Lake Turkana and sedentary impoverished groups with mix-livelihood practice. In addition to livelihood related challenges, their languages and identities are currently facing low intergenerational transmission meaning they are both facing the threat of extinction as diverse peoples are unique cultures.

The PHK initiative is based on the Constitution setting out its objectives. The strength of PHK lies in the fact that it is a member organization through which local opinions are expressed. On this basis, PHK has made significant progress in the direction of becoming a credible spokesperson for its peoples.

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PHK and their partners have really transformed peoples lives.